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Pool renovations.


Renovating a swimming pool can be as simple as sandblasting off an out dated painted pool interior and replacing it with a new pebble pool interior or they can be larger scale projects with lighting and equipment replacements paired with a fully tiled pool renovation. Either way no matter how large or small you will receive the same level of consideration when it comes to making your pool something we, and you will be proud of.


Fully Tiled Pool Renovations.

Fully Tiling a swimming pool is considered as the prestige finish with a large range of tile choices to consider.

Renovating a pool with Glass tiles.

Full tiling a swimming pool renovation with glass tiles is one of the highest quality finish's you can apply to your swimming pool renovation with some of Melbourne most prestigious homes containing fully tiled pools completed in glass pool tiles.

A cost saving option is to use a glass pool tile to tile your swimming pools waterline (top 300mm of tiles) in a glass pool tile or glass mosaic pool tile and complete the rest of the pool fully tiled renovation in a ceramic tile, this cuts some of the costs associated with purchasing and installing glass pool tiles while keeping the beautiful look of glass mosaics as a prominent feature or your swimming pool. Read more about fully tiled pools here

Ceramic Fully Tiled Pool Renovations

Fully Tiling a swimming pool renovation with ceramic pool tiles is the most popular option when completing a swimming pool renovation. The longevity of the materials used has made this option for pool renovations the best long term option with less maintenance over other pool renovations finish's.

Pool Interior Renovations.

There are many color options to choose when using a pool render/pebble pool interior renovations over a fully tiled pool finish, the process for completion on a render/pebbled pool is generally a more budget friendly option, completed faster when compared to a fully tiled pool renovation.

Pebbled pool interiors have come a long way in the last decade with the materials used much smaller (1-3mm pebbles) creating an appealing look with a briliantly smooth surface that is still soft and smooth on wet feet. Read more about pool interiors here

Pool Equipment

While your pool is empty while you renovate your swimming pool we recommend testing and replacing under performing swimming pool equipment and upgrading to higher efficiency pool equipment with highly energy efficient pool equipment with a higher degree of reliability to ensure no future problems occur with your swimming pool.  Read more about pool equipment here

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