Fully Tiled Pools

fully tiled pools.


Fully tiling a swimming pool is considered the highest quality pool finish, whether you a fully tiling a new pool or doing a fully tiled pool renovation. 

Breeze Project, have a large range of swimming pool tiles we can supply and our installation materials and finish product are the best in the industry.

Breeze Projects are contracted to service some of Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula's best swimming pool builders as pool tilers.


Fully tiling a pool with Glass tiles.

Fully tiling a swimming pool with glass tiles is one of the highest quality finishes you can apply to your swimming pool renovation with some of Melbourne most prestigious homes containing fully tiled pools completed in glass pool tiles.

Another option using a glass pool tile is to tile your swimming pools waterline (top 300mm of tiles) in a glass pool tile or glass mosaic pool tile and complete the rest of the pool fully tiled in a ceramic tile, this cuts some of the costs associated with purchasing and installing glass pool tiles while keeping the elegant look of glass mosaics as a prominent feature or your swimming pool.

Fully Tiling a pool with Ceramic tiles

Fully Tiling a swimming pool with ceramic pool tiles is the most popular option when completing a swimming pool renovation. The longevity of the materials used has made this option for pool renovations the best long term option with less maintenance over other pool renovations finishes. The life of a fully tiled pool will exceed 30 years if pool maintenance is kept to a good standard.


The process for fully tiling a swimming pool

Ensure swimming pools concrete shell is clean and free of any loose stones and algae’s, an acid wash is usually done to ensure a solid bond

Once the pool shell is clean we then render the entire pool, using a sand and cement mixture with additives we straighten the walls and level out the pool floor. Having our pool render finished to a high quality ensure the fully tiled pool surface can be free of imperfections once completed.

Using the latest pool tile installation systems and highest quality materials we can now fully tile your swimming pool.

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