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pool equipment.



With a large range of pumps in different sizes and variable voltages we have an option to suit any sized pool from small courtyard pools all the way up to large commercial swimming pools.


Pool pumps are used to provide water movement for pool filtration, pool cleaning, waterfalls and features as well as heating systems.

Your pool or spa pump operates by circulating water through the skimmer, through a skimmer box basket that will trap larger debris like leafs and strands of hair and then into the filter to remove large and small organic matter and keep the pool water clean. While the pool pump is running it will also circulate your swimming pools sanitizers and water balancing chemicals.

Installing a new pool pump onto a backyard swimming pool may have some upfront costs but depending the quality of your previous pool pump you may save upwards of $700 per year on electricity operating costs




We have a large range of Glass filters, Sand Filters and Cartridge Filters for installation on any size pool.


it is the pool filters role to remove small dirt and small organic matter to small to get trapped in the pool skimmer basket. As the pool pump draws water through the skimmer box larger debris will get trapped in the skimmer basket but small things like dirt and small organic matter will be removed by the pool filter. By removing the organic particles it will reduce the growth or algae and bacteria that feed on it.



We can supply and install a large range of salt chlorination systems to suit every pool.  From simple systems to suit budget conscious clients to fully automated balanced and controlled systems



All pools need some kind of sanitation system, once the pool filter has removed the dirt and organic matter the sanitizer (salt chlorinator) will destroy any bacteria and algae that remained left over.

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